What is Your Customer Success Strategy?

What is your customer success strategy? Through a series of interviewing and conversations with people in customer success leadership I’ve put together three customer success strategies or verticals; The Cheerleader, The Consultant and The Salesperson.  Don’t let these strategies confuse the overall goal of customer success; prevent churn.  All three customer success strategies include the basics of good customer success; on-boarding & educating customers, increasing activity, engagement and renewals through value add communications powered by performance metrics data.  It’s the core focus of the three customer success strategies that differentiates them.

  • The cheerleader is focused on promoting the product or services while reconciling customer feedback, pain points and needs and feeding the sales team leads for up-sells.
  • The consultant is focused on assimilating into the customer business to not only promote how to use the product but identify new uses within the company.  They operate in the same fashion as a management consultant as an extension to the customers’ business.
  • The salesperson is focused on finding existing pain points that can be solved with the product or service.  This is a relationship selling, strategic in their approach, looking to increase new users and close new business (ABC).

What are your thoughts? Do you agree? What your customer success strategy?  Tell me on linkedin or through email: jwgonsalves@yahoo.com